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"You just can't teach that!"

By Les Robbins

What a joy it was to watch eight energetic youngsters playing a pickup game of basketball

at our park. They chose up teams, refereed themselves and truly had a fun time. Reminders of days gone by.

In late 2000 a group of Armbrust Acres residents conceived the idea to build this court to honor the memory of Bryce Gerhardt, a 12-year-old young man who lived just up the street in Armbrust Acres. He died unexpectedly that previous March while playing basketball, a game he excelled at and loved. When witnessing a spectacular move on the basketball court, Bryce is remembered to have coined the saying, “you just can’t teach that.” His parents still live in the same house on Oak Street.

The dream was to provide a space for additional wholesome activities for our neighborhood families. This group working together in cooperation with the AAHA Board and a volunteer general contractor, petitioned the neighborhood and raised all $20,000+ of the costs by putting on basketball tournaments, garage sales and soliciting donations from area residents and businesses.

The court was built in the spring of 2002. Now, twenty years later it is a fixture of our park and is still being enjoyed by many people of all ages for a variety of purposes. It has become a focal point, cornerstone of activities such as the 4th of July celebrations, Music in the Park and other events. What a lasting tribute!


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