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Happy New Year Armbrust Acres!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ARMBRUST ACRES! First we want to thank each and every one for making 2023 another amazing year for the neighborhood. The purpose of this post is to provide our annual letter information to all at the start of the year. Also, this post will remain on the website as an easy place for all to access through the year. A mailed copy of this information and the invoice for the annual dues will be sent out in January to each household.


Based on our annual budget and allowable dues to be set in our covenants, the 2024 dues have been set at $145. This is a $10 increase in dues from last year. As always, we review the budget each fall and reevaluate any changes to the dues. Additionally, a full overview of the annual budget will be reviewed at our Armbrust Acres Annual Meeting in April. Per the bylaws, payment is due March 31st. Please see the below payment options:


Pay Online – We are continuing to use our online portal to accept dues by credit card or e-check. Visit the “Pay Dues” tab on the website. We are still using Cheddar Up as our vendor to collect the dues safely and securely.


Write a Check – Please write a check made payable to Armbrust Acres HOA. This can be either dropped off in the locked mailbox at the park or mailed to:

                        Armbrust Acres HOA

                        16707 Spring Circle

                        Omaha, NE, 68130


Donation Option – We have offered the ability and want to continue to offer the ability to give a little more to certain aspects of the neighborhood you love through donations. If paying online, donation options are listed. If paying by check please note on the memo line or include a separate note and we will direct the funds accordingly. Fireworks, Entrance Landscaping, Christmas Lights, Music at the Park, to name a few.


Thank you for your continued support and payment of 2024 dues and donations. Your support helps make Armbrust Acres a wonderful place to live! 


Membership Database - Our Armbrust Acres Residence Membership Database is a living and changing thing and we need your help to keep it up to date. The mailed invoice will contain the information we have on file. Please be on the lookout for that mailing and if you see any changes, please either drop off the changes in the mailbox at the park with your dues, or send an email to


Volunteers - We are looking for volunteers! Our neighborhood is built on volunteering and we cannot do it without the many volunteers that help out every year. This does not mean you need to be a board member (but you could be!). We are looking for anyone wanting to give back to the neighborhood. This could be as little as directing traffic for an hour at the 4th of July Parade to writing a neighborhood article/blog post. Jump on the website and drop us a note if interested or join us at one our Monthly Meetings that occur the third Wednesday. Check Facebook and the website for times and locations.


Armbrust Acres Home Improvement Requests – If you are doing an improvement on your property, please submit a Home Improvement request to The form can be found on the website under the “Documents” tab. We review all request at each of the monthly meetings for approval.


Monthly Meetings – Every month there is an open-door meeting held to discuss items related to the neighborhood. We encourage anyone interested please attend. These are typically scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of every month and are being held at Heritage at Legacy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the website or at


Covenants – A reminder that the Association is tasked with enforcing the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements of the Armbrust Acres Subdivision. The Covenants can be accessed at “Documents” section of the website.


If you have an issue with a neighbor violating the covenants, we strongly encourage you to knock on your neighbor’s door, and politely ask them to cooperate.  Many issues can be resolved with a neighborly discussion.  If you cannot reach a compromise, you can notify the Association of the violation via emailing


Communications – Currently we are utilizing a private Facebook group, email, newsletter, and occasional mailing to communicate with the neighborhood. We do not use or monitor Next Door. If you have not signed up to be part of the email database or Facebook group, please reach out us.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our email address at, or drop us a note in our locked mailbox near the park.



Armbrust Acres HOA

Your Neighborhood, My Neighborhood, OUR Neighborhood


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