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Forms & Documents

Several legal and policy documents govern the homeowners who live in Armbrust Acres. All homeowners receive a complete set of these governing documents prior to closing, and are legally bound to abide by the rules set forth in these documents.


The Declaration of Covenants, or the “Covenants” constitute an agreement between the HOA and purchasers of homes in Armbrust Acres of how the properties may be used and the agreed-upon practices and procedures for living in a covenant neighborhood.


The Property/Home Improvement Request form communicates your intentions to update/revise your home. Please note: it is your responsibility to comply with Association Covenants, which require approval for property and home improvements. Do not start your work prior to receiving full approval of all submitted improvements! Also, please allow the committee one month to review. You will receive a written or emailed response to your submission. This submission is good for one year from date of approval.


AAHA Covenants


Property/Home Improvement Request


Roofing Material Guidelines

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