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Project ELF 2023

Armbrust Acres residents and the Nebraska Children’s Home Society have partnered now for 34 years to make children’s holidays merry and bright. Through Project Elf, the Nebraska Children’s Home Society is able to reach out to the children and families they serve to make sure they have gifts and necessities during the holiday season and throughout the year.

You will find a list of children, along with their ages and wish lists, below. You will notice that this season the donation style has changed from tangible items to donations of gift cards, selected for each child either on behalf of the child’s family or the child themselves, depending upon the child’s age. According to Leah Lindell at the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, this change “reflects a thoughtful transition from offering tangible items and underscores the NCHS commitment to providing families with the freedom and dignity

to prioritize their choice”. Further, she states,“This better reflects our trust in the families we serve – giving them the freedom and dignity to decide what their children need most”. Gift cards in the range of $25-75 are suggested, but gift cards in any denomination are appreciated.

If your family wishes to sponsor a child, or children, on this list, please contact Jennifer Fontana by phone at 402-290-8965, or by email at

You will provide the child’s name and assigned number on the list. At that time, an arrangement can be made for gift card delivery to her home at 16630 Frederick Circle. All gift cards must be dropped off by Sunday, December 10. Tax receipts are available upon request.


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