Frequently asked questions

Dues & Donations

How much are 2022 AAHA dues and how can I pay them?

Dues for 2022 are $125. Dues should be submitted as soon as possible after January 1st. We highly recommend paying online using our new secure payment portal. This option allows you to pay by credit card, receive an emailed receipt, update your member/directory information, and more. If you would rather pay using a personal check, please make the check out to AAHA Membership and mail to: Armbrust Acres Homeowners Association c/o Les Robbins 16707 Spring Circle Omaha, NE 68130

What do my AAHA dues pay for?

Your dues directly contribute to keeping our neighborhood beautiful and functional. AAHA uses these funds to maintain the park, neighborhood entrances, organize events, trash/snow removal in common areas, and more. For more details, see the Homeowners Association page.

Where can I donate to the annual 4th of July celebration?

For the month of January, you can bundle donations to the 4th of July celebration (as well as fireworks, holiday decorations, etc.) through our online payment portal as an addition to your dues submissions. In the future, you will be able to submit standalone donations any time through the same online portal.

City Resources

What day is my trash / recycling / yard waste collected?

Armbrust Acres collection days are:

  • Trash - each Tuesday
  • Recycling - every other Tuesday
  • Yard Waste - Tuesday during yard waste collection season (see below)
NOTE: Collections will occur a day later (Wednesday) if Monday is a holiday. For yard waste and recycling schedules, or any other details around waste collection, please visit Omaha's

What are considered code or zoning violations?  Who can I call?

Example of violations include: CODE:

  • Deteriorated and cracked sidewalks and driveways.
  • Deteriorated porches, decks, and patios.
  • Stairways with three or more steps without handrails.
  • Deteriorated, broken, or missing siding.
  • Cars parked on unpaved surfaces.
  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles.
  • Boats, campers, and R.V.’s over 20 feet in length, parked in front of the house.
  • Commercial vehicles parked at property.
  • Outdoor storage of materials, appliances, etc.
To report a code violation to the City of Omaha, call 402-444-5150 option #3.


I'd like to advertise in the newsletter, website and/or directory.  Who can I contact?

Your contribution to our quarterly newsletter allows the Armbrust Acres Home Owners Association to provide its residents with updates of what is going on in the neighborhood. While supporting our newsletter, you are also giving our residents options of the wonderful services you provide. The Armbrust Acres newsletter is produced by the Armbrust Acres Homeowners Association since May 2011. It is distributed on a quarterly basis to 553 homes in the Armbtust Acres neighborhood. The newsletter is printed in b/w. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW.


What type of roofing is permitted in Armbrust Acres?

In recent years the quality and subsequent durability of wood shingles has declined. During the same period, a number of wood shingle alternatives have become available that provide higher quality and durability and still provide the expected level of aesthetic appeal.
This neighborhood will look the best if all roofs are the same, as has been the case for many years. These guidelines are written for the purpose of providing both home owners and the AAHA board with a fair and consistent process for identifying and approving roofing materials, other than wood, for Armbrust Acres homes. Wood shingles do not require board approval, as they are currently covered in the AAHA covenants.

Generally Acceptable Roofing Materials

  • Wood (does not require Board approval)
  • Steel (preferably same color as aged wood)
  • Slate (preferably same color as aged wood / grey, unless house style warrants)
  • Tile (preferably same color as aged wood / grey)
  • Asphalt (considered on a case by case basis)
Minimum Quality Standards
  • Fire Rating Class A or better
  • Wind Resistance 100MPH, minimum
Minimum Aesthetic Standards
  • All roof material elements must have a exposed profile (or edge dimension)\ greater or equal the that of traditional wood shake (about 1/2") This is one of the most important requirements, as this is what gives the roof its texture and substantive look.
  • The finished roof must have the look of wood, slate or tile in color, texture, profile (see above), and individual unit dimension.
  • The style of roofing material must be compatible with the style of home (e.g. tile roof on a Spanish Colonial home) The AAHA still prefers that all roofs are the same look and color, as we do not have many historic period style homes such as Italianate, Bungalows, Shingle Style, Spanish Colonial, etc)
  • The color should be within the family of natural earth tones, preferably the look of the aged wood shake or natural slate or tile.
Process for Approval
  • Prior to construction, the home owner should submit the following to the Armbrust Acres Board for approval
  • A copy of the plan for roofing/re-roofing in writing, a drawing should accompany the letter but not necessary.
  • A sample of the roofing material and the color that is being considered
  • Manufacturers Data Sheets that declare the fire and impact ratings and wind resistance rating of the material being considered.
  • Ideal but not required: local addresses where the product can be viewed.
  • A photo or drawing of the front of the house (to understand style of the home, required if homeowner is proposing something that does not have the look of wood.
  • Armbrust Acres board will evaluate the submission and either recommend approval as is, or provide suggestions for change that could result in a recommendation for approval.

Which updates to my house require Board review to complete?

The most commonly requested updates include:

  • Roofing shingle and/or material changes
  • Significant paint or siding color changes
  • Additions and/or other new structures (decks/patios, sheds, etc.)
If you aren't sure, please contact us with questions.

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