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2023 Annual Dues

Based on our annual budget and allowable dues to be set in our convenance, the 2023 dues have been set at $135. This is a $10 increase in dues from last year. We are happy to relay that we have been able to keep expenses at a minimum and that the amount set this year matching the dues set 2018, the last year dues were collected before they were waived for 3 years. As always, we will review the budget this fall and reevaluate any changes to the dues. Additionally, a full overview of the annual budget will be reviewed at our April meeting. Please see the below payment options:

Pay Online – We are continuing to use our online portal to accept dues by credit card or e-check. We are continuing to use Cheddar Up to safely and securely collect the dues.

Write a Check – Please write a check made payable to Armbrust Acres HOA. This can be either dropped of in the locked mailbox at the park or mailed to:

Armbrust Acres HOA

16707 Spring Circle

Omaha, NE, 68130

Note: if check option is chosen, please provide email address (if changed), as we are looking to continue to porvide correspondence for the neighborhood digitally to save on printing and shipping costs.

The 2023 dues will continue to support all the great things that make Armbrust Acres a wonderful place to live! This includes events like the 4th of July celebration, concert in the park, beautification of the entrances and holiday lighting, re-imbursement of neighborhood circle landscaping, and ongoing maintenance requirements at our beautiful park!.


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