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2022 Mayors Neighborhood Grant Award

Our neighborhood was awarded with the 2022 Neighborhood Mayors Grant to help provide beautification to our Oak Street Entrance. With the recent installation of irrigation at both entrance to aid in the monumental task of watering, this also opened up the ability to add vibrant plants to some of the dryer areas. Working with the masterful Landscape Architect and Armbrust Acres Resident, Doug Halverson, we were able to come up with a plan to bring color to the Oak Street Entrance.

Through the process of the 2022 Mayors Neighborhood Grant Program, we were award $1,050 to help in our vision! We put this money to good use, purchasing near 84 varieties of perennial plants. Thanks to the effort of volunteers, we planted this along with other annuals last spring to provide a beautiful and welcoming entrance we enjoyed all summer long. We can't wait to see everything bloom again this year!

A big thanks to Doug Halverson for his continued guidance and volunteer work at our Entrances. Also a big thank you to the multitude of volunteers that help out throughout the year, from planting to pruning. The entrances always look absolutely beautiful.


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