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Our Neighborhood

A Support System

We opened the doors of our community with the hopes of providing people with a higher standard of living. Today, we boast a wide range of property maintenance services, events, and amenities designed to serve the needs of all community members. Armbrust Acres guarantees the best possible living experience for all residents.

Peaceful Living

Meet us at the corner of lake trails, tree lined streets, and trendy restaurants.

They say it's all about location, location, location... and we have to agree! Armbrust Acres is one of the most uniquely situated neighborhoods in all of Omaha with direct access to the Lake Zorinsky trails where you'll find paved paths great for running, walking, and bicycling, as well as a variety of wildlife. After you've enjoyed the scenery on the trail, walk right back into the neighborhood and into our expansive park and playground. There you'll find the neighborhood "fairy garden," our "little libraries," ballpark and playground equipment. After your fun in the sun, head right across 168th Street and over to The Shoppes of Legacy, where you can spend the rest of your evening grabbing a bite to eat. Now the only question is, what are you waiting for?


Come visit us!

Armbrust Acres is located at the corner of 168th St. and West Center Rd.  The neighborhood can be accessed from two entrances - one just south of Center St. on 168th, and one just east of 168th St. on Center St.

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